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aroma – The magazine

aroma is the bimonthly educational magazine about essential oils and aromatic plants in aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

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aroma – The magazine is currently available in Dutch and French.

Please check the Dutch and French language sites for more information, or get in touch.

From science to practice.

aroma takes a new look at essential oils and aromatic plants: practice-oriented and accessible to a large readership. aroma builds on recent scientific insight, French pioneering work and traditional use and features practical tools, handy formulas and rigorously selected products.


The use of aromatic plants is undoubtably linked to a healthy lifestyle, so aroma magazine is also about food, supplementation, bodywork, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Expert advice and testimonials are put on the bimonthly menu.


Geert De Vuyst heads up aroma magazine’s editorial desk. Geert is passionate about scent and aromatic plants. He provides well-being workshops to companies and courses on scent experience, essential oils and aromatherapy applications. His work is based on scientific research and traditional use, dealing in particular with stress, psycho-emotional problems and pain conditions.

Chrystel Gérard is art director of aroma magazine. Chrystel is photographer, 360° communications freelancer and specializes in consulting for and supporting innovative projects in the Social and Solidarity Economy and sustainable food and agriculture.